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Review: Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun DLC

Dungeon Siege 3 ended up being a really surprising game for me. I didn’t expect to have as much fun with its linear hack'n'slash style that at times seemed too basic. Yet, somehow, I got fully consumed in crawling all the dungeons to see every part the world had to offer. With Treasure of the Sun DLC recently released, it’s time for me to go back into the depths of Dungeon Siege 3. If you played Dungeon Siege 3 to completion, you can load up your endgame save to access the new area for the DLC. Just head on over to the causeway and you should see a new pathway open for you. Another way to get into Treasures of the Sun is at least make it to the point where you control the Stonebridge Chapterhouse, there will be a quest giver there that will open up the area in the causeway for you to enter. This is how I ended up playing it.

I would love to say the story was interesting but when it comes to these types of games, I breeze through most of the dialogue since I want to get to the killing. What I gathered from the times I forced myself out of the habit of skipping the dialogue seemed as good if not better than the main game had. I wish I paid more attention to the story in both since the voice acting is great.

Along with a whole new region to explore, new additions are also here. Some are welcomed while some seem not quite needed. One of the things I loved that was new in Treasures of the Sun DLC was all the new loot to grab. There are some pretty good equipment to find in the Aranoi Desert. I was happy when I would find another high-end item to make me that much more powerful, which I needed to be to fight off all the new enemy types I faced. Since I went into this new area at level 12, I got a challenge. it was so much of a challenge that I had to turn down the difficulty from Hard to Normal in order to stand a chance. Even after the drop in difficulty I felt like I was still having to fight for my life fending off mummies, sand monsters, sand worms and a assortment of spiders and skeletons.

The 'boss' fights that you encounter when doing the quests in the Aranoi Desert were really a blast to play. Constantly using all of my abilities to stay alive was a test to how well I used them and at the right time. It doesn't hurt to have an 'Ultimate Power' to use either. Being another of the new additions in Treasures of the Sun DLC, you get a choice of three different powers to pick. Shield, health regen or an AOE (area of effect) attack are your choices which at any point you can switch between, provided that you visit the shrines at the beginning of the Aranoi Desert. I only found the AOE to be the most helpful. When getting swarmed by enemies, I would rather kill everyone than heal only to be killed by being overwhelmed. One caveat to using this ability is that it will use up all of your power orbs. You build them back up fast enough to not worry about using them.

The two things that really didn't make sense for me were essences and transmute. Essences let you enhance your equipment to get better stats. The stats I saw it boosting were nothing that would benefit my character, I decided to never use it. Making that decision also saved me some gold since you have to pay to use essences. Transmute was also a let down. I thought it would let me pull off equivalent exchange and make something useful out of some of the junk I had in my inventory. All it really does is break down the item into gold and if that item had a certain attribute, an essence. At least I could free up some space and make a little cash in the process.

I want to go back to Treasures in the Sun DLC after I beat the main game of Dungeon Siege 3 to see if things scale to my level. Honestly I think I am just looking for an excuse to play more of this game and get to the new level cap of 35. Which is to say if you are looking to do just that, pick up Treasures of the Sun DLC. For $9.99, you get a good 5 hour jaunt back into the world of scouring every corner to find that next treasure chest in a exciting new area.