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Review: Game Dev Story

Ever since I gave up my iPhone to switch over to an Android phone, I have missed mobile gaming. Of course I have other options with my DSi as well as my PSP but the games you can find that are truly enjoyable in the App Store are plentiful. I know that there are games as well Android phones as well but very few of them are actually playable. Watching my Twitter feed flow with the excitement of a game called Game Dev Story, all the iPhone owners were thoroughly enjoying what seemed to be a very addicting game. After a long period of me wishing I had an iPhone again, Kairosoft Company released the Android version of their seemingly popular game, finally.

The premise for Game Dev Story is you are in charge of a game company and it is your job to run a successful business. From weeding through applicants, picking what type of game to make, contract work to raise capital, advertising, and training current employees, Game Dev Story has a perfect formula for an addicting game. Starting off a new game, you get to pick the name for your new company. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't put more than 13 words for my name (Handheld Heroes) so I had to be a little more creative. When that failed, I went with Shlut Wheels. Once that is done you start off in a small office with four computers for your employees. You start off with two employees already and $500,000 to start.

By year 14, I was barely staying afloat with my company of eight employees. I would do every contract job I could just to pay the employees their salary on time. Game Dev Story can be hard at times. I still can't figure out what the best combination of genre and style to use in order to make over a million in sales. The one game I had success with was a dating sim (go figure). I love how from time to time you get updates about gaming magazines writing about you or the occasional fan email. The award shows are fun as well. Hell, you even have the option to go to a gaming convention to try and get more fans of your company.

The music can be a little grating on the ears after about an hour of play but you can just turn the volume down a little and be ok. The interface on my Samsung Captivate was quite surprisingly good. Location of the menu buttons as well as the way the sub menus were designed made it easy to navigate thus making the addiction of playing Game Dev Story that much more successful. A week after i bought the game, I was up until 4am every day trying my hardest to make a hit game as well as train my employees.

Game Dev Story has a minor RPG element in being able to increase stats of current employees by spending money and research points, which are occurred randomly throughout the game. Since each employee has different talents, you mostly want to focus on that. I tried to logically pad all the stats for each employee but found out real quick that it takes too much money to do that and it is a waste.

As much as I can recommend Game Dev Story as a purchase for anyone who likes video games, I also despise it. Not directly at least. More so due to the fact that it makes me want to get an iPhone again and rediscover all the fun games I have been missing since I sold my iPhone for a Android phone. Whatever your choice of phone is, Game Dev Story is a must have.