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Review: Angry Birds

Who knew that such a simple concept for a game could be so damn good!?! Angry Birds is, simply put, a physics based 2D game (think Worms) in which the objective is to take out as many of the Pigs that have stolen your eggs as possible by launching the titular Angry Birds into them kamikaze-style using a giant slingshot. Yeah. It sounds crazy but it is also SOOOOO addicting. It might sound like a pretty thin game... and I don't really care. There is at least the premise that these damn pigs stole the bird's eggs (possibly to make omelets) so you at least get some motivation for the birds to be so... ANGRY! But don't be deceived. There is some depth to Angry Birds. You first start of with the red cardinal-like birds which are your basic soldiers. As you get further in the game, you acquire new birds with various abilities such as the yellow bird that can speed up and spin after launch, a knot of blue birds that split into 3, black birds that explode violently and white birds that drop serious egg bombs (they're white... get it? Like the crap they leave on your car). Like in other puzzlers such as Bejeweled or Tetris, you don't get to choose the order in which the birds can be launched which is good since if you could, it would make the puzzles way too easy at times.

All the silly nonsense aside (and it does get pretty silly), Angry Birds is instantly addicting and will have you trying to get the top score on every level. Leaderboards help with that because you can redo levels over and over in order to improve your score. I can't tell you how many times I replayed a level just to try and beat it while using the least amount of birds. iPhone users be warned. I have killed my iPhone battery many of times with Angry Birds. And for only $.99 cents, this game is a MUST for anyone that owns an iPhone or iPod Touch.