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Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

We all loved and adored Call of Duty 4 when it came out 2 years ago. I know I took vacation from work just to play the new maps when they were released. That's how good it was. Solid story and excellent multiplayer helped this game stay in the top of the XBL charts for all those years.

With Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward tries to top themselves with a sequel to their behemoth of 2 years ago.

The game continues off from Call of Duty 4 in that you are still in search of Vladimir Makarov 5 years later. Makarov was Call of Duty 4's main protagonist Imran Zakhaev's lieutenants that is now causing trouble in Europe with terrorist attacks.

You play as multiple people in the game and see the story from multiple sides much like the first Modern Warfare. As I tend to do when writing reviews, I do not want to spoil the story of the game so I will not go in depth about the story.

I will say that Infinity Ward went more over the top with all the action sequences you play it's almost too much. In fact, I think that is what made me forget about the plot (besides the gaping holes in it) and just scream every 5 minutes “OMG! WTF!” with my jaw dropped to the floor.

The game will take you about 7 hours to complete so it's right on par with the first Modern Warfare game. This time around for the masochist's Hardened and Veteran difficulties have more of the inane enemies sniping you with shotguns with only a pixel of your character sticking out. Not sure why Infinity Ward thinks this is a good game design to have the enemies consistently own you with a short range weapon from a mile out. How about making it difficult in other ways instead of super accurate insurgents shooting a piece of my hair that in turn kills me?

New to the series is Special Ops, a co-op mode that incorporates levels from the main story into bite size maps that you have to complete certain objectives on. There are 23 missions total, though you have to unlock levels by earning stars in each scenario. The higher you set the difficulty, the more stars you earn if completed. 3 stars are the max that you can earn in each scenario with a total of 69 for everything completed on the highest difficulty. Most missions you can do solo but there are some that require a teammate to complete.

I found the co-op almost as good as Uncharted 2's. Yes, MW2 has more to do in objectives but given that Uncharted 2 main story immersed you into that story so well, it actually carries over to the co-op side of the game. The co-op mission I absolutely adored the most was the snow level where you have to make it to the end of the map without being seen. It is a blast counting down to 1 before you and a friend snipe the 2 guards in front of you. I would have liked to see more missions like that. I could, however, do without the “racing” missions. Those felt like Infinity Ward ran out of ideas and decided to throw those in.

Multiplayer is by far the main reason most, if not all, bought this game. There are still people out there that have not played the story mode! Crazy I know but that is how much people love the MP. There are some gripes with MP though. To me, the game seems too busy with everything popping up on the screen whenever you do anything at all. It kind of takes away from fun a little. Also, the phantom lag is still there. In Modern Warfare, the phantom lag was bad but bearable enough to not rage quit. In MW2 however, it seems to be worse. If you are on the wrong side of the lag, you can unload a whole clip into an enemy and they stop, turn around and shot you once and kill you. Watching the kill cam, you see that you got 1 shot off as he laid into you with his gun. Tie that in with the very poor matchmaking and it makes for really dissatisfying play time. Hopefully this time Infinity Ward will fix this since last time they did nothing of the sort.

Despite some of the flaws in MW2, this is still a must have game for any gamer that is a fan of FPS or high octane, Bad Boys like story/gameplay. Now if you excuse me, MW2 is calling me. OUR UAV IS ONLINE!