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Review: Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

Since diving back into Fallout 3, I find myself remembering how this game owned all my free time when it 1st came out. Now with Bethesda releasing the final DLC for Fallout 3, I figured it would be the right time to play through it all in a 5 part review. Let's start off with the first DLC, Operation Anchorage. Once the DLC is downloaded and installed, starting up your saved game should activate the content. I had to travel to Megaton to get it to activate in my case. What will happen is that you will pick up a distress signal on your Pip-Boy 3000. When you tune into it, it will be the Brotherhood Outcasts requesting help from anyone since they are pinned down by a bunch of Super Mutants. A marker will then be placed on your map to the location. Once there, you help them clear out a couple of Super Mutants then follow the soldiers to the outpost where the Brotherhood Outcasts are holding up. They were about to dismiss you when they realize that the Pip-Boy you have is something they need. You get sent up the elevator to see the commanding officer of the outpost. Upon meeting him, he begins to explain that your Pip-Boy is the only thing that can unlock the door leading into some really good weapons in an armory. The way it unlocks is that you have to go through a VR simulation completing various missions. The VR missions has you reliving the famous battle to liberate Anchorage, Alaska from the Chinese Communist invaders.

The VR missions vary from sneaking around to all out assault with a unit of guys behind you. The missions didn't seem too long and almost felt like they cut up the various missions into too many parts. I like how you can only use certain weapons in the simulation as well as the generous refill stations along the way for ammo and health. I worried less about health and just had fun blasting through places. I tried not using V.A.T.S. but it was very helpful spotting invisible enemies. I felt that the sniper rifle was way too powerful but I love using it in the main game so I can't hate that it feels that way.

In the last part of the simulation, the game really pushes the FPS genre on you, in a good way. I found myself running around frantically through the enemy base trying to get to the end fight. It really felt like an epic battle up until the end fight. With the end fight, I was disappointed. The leader of the Chinese forces comes charging at you with a sword trying to slice you in half. I just ran around backwards dropping mines and throwing grenades till he was dead. Kinda made me feel like all that work to get to the end was for nothing since the game throws you the win.

After you complete the simulation, you have to get out of the pod and head towards the door to the armory to unlock it. Once inside, you can grab everything that you can carry without being overweight. Not sure if this was suppose to happen but the Brotherhood opened up and killed each other and tried to kill me as well. Guess they didn't want to share the loot after all. Good thing I had some massive firepower to level them flat.

Some people had bugs with their gaming experience with Operation Anchorage but I didn't suffer from any. Maybe I was lucky. I did have an issue with the content seeming like it should have been included with the main game and it was a little too easy to burn through. Still, for the 1st DLC for Fallout 3, it was an enjoyable experience. It's worth picking it up and adding to the already invigorating Fallout 3.