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Review: Fallout 3: The Pitt

With Operation Anchorage behind me, I now delve into the 2nd part of my 5 part review for the DLC of Fallout 3 with The Pitt Again, once the DLC is installed, you will receive a radio transmission asking for help in the northern area. Upon arrival, you see a bunch of raiders attacking 1 man. After taking them all out, the man comes out from his cover and introduces himself as Wernher. He begins to tell you about how he is an escaped slave from the area know as The Pitt and how he is looking for an outsider to help free the slaves and retrieve a cure that will heal all the mutated and sick people in The Pitt.

This DLC is a lot more gloom and saddening with the setting and environment it places you in. One could say that it has a Mad Max feel to it as well. The Pitt feels like it also cut up one long mission into tiny morsels for you to enjoy. This flows better than Operation Anchorage did so I had no issues with it. The things you have to do are simple things to keep you out of trouble with the Slavers and to get equipment for yourself. Not sure why the game strips me of my equipment yet in the beginning I simply can just acquire some weapons on the inside. It's still not as good as my old equipment but it does the job well.

Once inside, you end up looking for Old Lady since she is your contact inside. She tells you to just try and blend in until she can figure a way to get you close to the ruler of The Pitt, Ashur. Once you do a job out in the Steel Yard, you are then “asked” by the slaves to participate in a fight to win your freedom and get a meeting with Ashur. I found the fights in the Arena a little easy since all you have to do is toss a few frag grenades and the fight is over. You do end up getting a sweet assault rifle with a scope after the last fight so its not all for nothing. After winning all the fights, you get escorted to Ashur's office to discuss things. He tells you about the cure and wants you to join his team. Wernher and the other slaves start a riot giving you an opportunity to find the cure and get the heck out of there. There is a twist with the cure which made it hard to decide to either steal it or help Ashur fight back the slaves. It felt like either way was a bad decision.

Now I am not going to ruin it but I took the cure and delivered it to Wernher at his hideout in the Steel Yard. Another event happens after you do the last part of your mission in this DLC that I will not ruin as well. I had a problem finding my equipment since I was suppose to get it back from Wernher but if you didn't find it, you can always go back to The Pitt after you complete it.

The Pitt was a good change of pace and the environment felt like I was in a different part of the Fallout  universe. Also, The Pitt made me feel as though no matter what I did, it wouldn't be the right thing. I like it when a game can get me emotionally involved to the point of me feeling sorry for the choice that I made. The Auto Axe you get in this DLC is a nice melee weapon but I am a long range kinda guy so I rarely used it. If you were turned off by Operation Anchorage, The Pitt should get you back into the Fallout universe. A vast improvement over the 1st DLC.