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Review: Flower

Flower for the PS3 is not your typical game. Most games we play are intense or stressful to a point. It's what we love. This game is more of an experience than a actual game. The game revolves around flower pots on a windowsill overlooking an urban landscape. First there is only one flower pot on the windowsill. As you complete each level (which is essentially the flower pot), a new flower pot appears for you to go to and play the next level. There are 6 levels/flower pots in all.

The game is very short but for the $9.99 you spend on it, the game is long enough. Flower takes you for an emotional ride that ranges from happiness, sadness, despair all the way back to happiness.

Game play is basic. You use the Six-Axxis controls to move your petal and any of the face buttons to blow the wind to move the petal forward. I know you might be saying that the Six-Axxis sucks for all the games its been used in so far but it actually works for this game....I swear. You fly around the stage collecting flower petals and opening new areas in the level. When you collect certain petals in some areas, it does a little animation to were the dead grass and dreary landscape becomes beautiful and colorful. I wont ruin the later stages but it will definitely change the way you feel and how you play a little. Even the music changes

Graphics are very bright and vibrant. It doesn't look realistic but it doesn't need to be next gen graphics in order to enjoy it. The style of the graphics is perfect for this game. Sound is perfect as well for Flower. Each level has music and sounds that fit it really well with the emotional state that this game puts you through.

I say if you have a PS3, you will do the system a great service by buying this game and playing it for 2-3 hours. I give this a $9.00 out of $9.99.