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Review: inFAMOUS

With all the hype surrounding Killzone 2 and the disappointment I had when I blind purchased the game, another game has come to fruition with the PS3 exclusive title. inFAMOUS is a new game by Sucker Punch who brought all those wonderful Sly Cooper games to the Playstation. The game is about a bike messenger named Cole who gets caught in a electric blast while delivering a package wiping out 10,000+ people in the  city with it. You somehow survive the blast and gain super powers of the electric kind. The story follows you on your journey to find out who set off the bomb and why. Along the way you discover how to use your powers more effectively and make decisions along the way of if you want to help the city or help yourself.

inFAMOUS introduces a Karma system and depending on what you do in game and what choices you make decide on if your karma is good or evil. You also have the choice of doing side missions that or classified as Evil side missions or Good side missions. Doing one or the other will lock out the other mission. If you do the Evil one, the Good one in the same area is locked out to you and cannot be done unless you start the game over.

The gameplay is really fun in that they nailed the controls for moving around, jumping, and climbing. When you jump onto a ledge or platform, you don't slide when you land like most other platform games. It's more like you "stick" to whatever you are trying to land or grab on. There are some issues when jumping towards something and the character veering off to the side to grab onto something that is closer but that rarely happened to me. I was a little disappointed that the game focused more on ranged attacks than melee but with electric super powers is guess shooting lighting at people is more fun then punching them with electrified fists. Enemies are cheap in the fact that they can snipe you with assault rifles from a mile away and you can't see where its coming from. The Reapers (the main enemies in the game) are also very very accurate. It is a must to upgrade your defensive powers before anything else in the game to stand a chance which is kinda lame. Speaking of powers, you have an XP system and you use those XP for upgrading your powers to more powerful levels. As the game progresses you unlock new powers to use and upgrade. There are, however, certain powers that you can only use if you are Evil or Good.

The story progresses very slow until about the halfway mark. Then it starts to really pick up. Not sure why they decided to start the game off that slow but its not bad to the point of not worth your time but it is frustrating nonetheless. Depending on what side you play (Good or Evil), the story is a little different. I like that they have separate story arcs depending on your Karma. For some that will equal replay value to play the story over again.

The graphics are a little outdated looking and I did notice frame rate issues at certain points of the game. Kinda wish they spent more time with the graphics to sharpen up some detail. Voice acting is ok but nothing to write home about. Load times are where this game shines a lot. Little if any load time for when you start the game or die and have to start over from the checkpoint. It's instantaneous. Best I have seen in a long time

I don't want to spoil the game so I am leaving some things out since it's more fun if you discover them yourselves. Part of the joys of gaming is to be surprised or excited when you see something really cool. I would give this game a $45 out of $60. There are somethings that just make this game a little less than a full retail buy. This game is a lot of fun despite the bugs and if you are into the open world with platforming thrown in, this is the game for you. Hell, if you own a PS3, you would be doing yourself a favor if you played this game. Give it a go and I know you will be satisfied.