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Review: Killzone 2

I know I am late on this and I am sorry. Here is my take on the Beloved (?) Killzone 2. Killzone 2 starts off with you invading the Heilgast's Homeworld to bring the fight to them. The story of the game follows your team in which you are in control of Sergeant Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko  and the mission is to capture Helghast leader, Scolar Visari.

Now this game has everything going for it. The detail of the levels and character models are excellent. Sound is amazing. Hell even the weapons are sweet. This game, however lacks one very important thing, controls.

There are a lot of people who say that the controls are just fine and people shouldn't expect snap controls like Call Of Duty 4. Well if your game is suppose to be a First Person Shooter (FPS), then shouldn't it have snap controls? The game controls have a bit of lag in it to where it is near impossible to aim right. Even with the sensitivity turned all the way up it still lags enough to annoy the hell out of you.

I played through the whole Single Player campaign and it wasn't terrible. The level designs were pretty good and i was enjoying the story to a point. The end level just before the boss fight is a pain in the ass depending how you look at it. Most people look at it as the game designers forcing you to act instead of sitting back and try to shoot everything from cover. What they decided to do is if you do sit back in cover and try to clear the enemies out, they respawn indefinitely. I have to tell you it was a pain in the ass to bum rush the enemies and not get killed. My A.I. pals were useless in this level. They never followed me until I was done killing the enemies in their respawn point.

Now for a game that was hyped up to be this epic gaming experience, the end boss fight was cake. I was a little disappointed that the last fight was so easy that all you had to do was sit in a corner and shoot all the enemies coming at you till the boss showed up. Then with him, all you had to do was load up the shotgun and wait for him to teleport in front of you and shoot.

Multiplayer is just as bad as single player. With the controls being laggy, it's so hard to shoot anyone. It was not fun at all. If this game had tighter controls I would say this game is a must own FPS for the PS3. But it's more of a Greatest Hits kinda game ($30).

Let me repeat by saying everything about this game is really good, except the controls which is the only reason why i say this game is not worth $60. Maybe some of you won't have a problem with the controls and if so you will love this game. For the people who like their controls for FPS games to respond with the quickness and no lag at all, wait for this game to drop to $30 or even just rent it. It's at least worth a play through.