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Review: Prototype

I am not going to start out by comparing this game to inFAMOUS since it has been done to death. Instead, I will get down to the review at hand. Prototype starts off with you waking up with no memory of who you are or what you are. The city is overrun with infected people and mutated monsters by some virus with the military trying to fight back to keep the city contained The opening level is sort of a tease and not in a good way. You run through the streets of NYC moping up the military with your Venom-like abilities. Once you get to a checkpoint, the game throws you back to the beginning of his story. In essence, the 1st level is a showcase of what you will be able to do once you unlock/buy all your upgrades. To me that was a waste of time.

The game gives you plenty of options and upgrades to play the game in many different ways. Prototype gives you the ability to consume people to gain health and if you consume the right person, you unlock the mystery of Alex Mercer even further. By consuming people, not only do you gain health, but you can disguise yourself as the person you just consumed. It helps when running away from the military or sneaking in bases to get upgrades for using military tech. You also have access to tanks, helicopters and weapons dropped by soldiers. Plenty of options indeed. One problem, how can you give me options when you force me to use certain things or else die? If you don't use the tanks, helicopters or weapons, you will have a hard time getting through some spots in the game. Hell, they force you to use vehicles more times than any do complete missions. If I am suppose to be this ultimate mutated Venom-like bad ass, why am I forced to use machines to fight? I should be able to use my many different powers such as Reed Richards stretch attack or a Macho Man elbow drop. That's where this game fails for me. I don't feel like I have options and I don't feel like a mutated bad ass.

The movement in this game, however, is really fun. Running up buildings, jumping in the air then flying like a squirrel from building to building doesn't get old. People say that this game has a Crackdown feel to it and I have to agree. Sometimes it felt like the controls didn't respond to what I wanted them to do but I think that was my fault for trying to move too fast for the controller. The city streets are flowing with tons of people in the military controlled areas and infected people in the virus controlled areas. What is weird to me is your character pushes and punches people out the way as he is walking the streets. Not sure what the idea was behind that but is kinda unnecessary. I had a problem with how enemies can run faster than you even when you upgrade your running powers to max. Makes no sense to have that happen. There are some frustrating points in the game which makes you want to rage quit. It's like the difficulty ramps up to 11 and screws you for that part of the game. There is no need for me to fight a boss for 45 minutes cause you feel the need to throw everything including the kitchen sink at me while fighting said boss.

Graphics are ok but not the main focus of this game so I can't knock it too hard for that. I understand they were going for the gameplay 1st. Still, it could of used a little more love to make it feel like an actually city. I was getting tired of seeing the same 4 cars all the time as well as the crowd of people. Never ran into problems with frame rates which is always a plus. I wish the designers went with a different look for the main character though. Putting a hood on the the character seems like someone didn't want to detail the head so a hood would be a simple solution.

Sound is passable at best. The explosions and sound effects are your standard fair but the voice acting was bad. Not sure if it was the actors or the script but it was hard on the ears. I think it's a new trend to make all the main male characters in action games sound like Batman. Why can't we use normal voices instead of the "I'm Batman" voice?

Once complete, the game lets you either start a new game with all the abilities you unlocked in the game or continue with the game by completing side missions if you are a completest.

With all the frustrating things about this game, its still worth your time to play through it once. The running around the city is a lot of fun but the frustration this game gives you, running around might be the only thing you want to do.