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Review: Punisher: No Mercy

When I think of a bad ass mad dog killer in the comic book world, a couple names come up. Deadpool, The Joker, Carnage. I like to play the odds and say that Frank Castle, also known as The Punisher, is the baddest of all. Developer Zen Studios decided to give a shot at making you feel like The Punisher dishing out some hardcore justice with his arsenal of weapons with the PSN game The Punisher: No Mercy. The story mode of this game consists of 5 levels that are at its basic level, a clone of UT3. Its either kill a certain amount of enemies in a time limit or survive a wave of enemies with a limited number of deaths to be had. Cut scenes were done in the comic book style as a recent release inFAMOUS did. The artwork for the cut scenes were done by Mike Deodato who has done work on DC, Marvel, Darkhorse and Image Comics. I am disappointed that Zen Studios did not flesh out an original story for the level gameplay more than a multiplayer map with set rules. The biggest upset is that the story mode is an hour long at best! If anything, they could have forgo the Story Mode and just made it a multiplayer game instead.

Graphically, the game looks amazing. Only the character models suffer from being a little generic in looks but doesn't hurt the fun you have playing. Level designs are not too bad and there are plenty of diversity with the 8 levels to choose from. The water effects in the opening title screen looks beautiful. I guess that is the Unreal Engine at work there. The sound in game is your standard fare if you are familiar with UT universe. Characters spouting one-liners over and over again. Gets annoying after a little.

The controls handle quite well as it should since it feels like UT3. Decent amount of power-ups from speed increase, weapon upgrades, shields, etc make for fun times. The weapons feel and sound real enough to make you run in a room screaming "Wolverines!!!!" and lay everyone down.

This game is going to be a hard sell on the FPS crowd in that it doesn't stand out among all the other FPS games out there. With Battlefield 1943 out, its mostly going to go unnoticed which is a shame since this game is worth it for the multiplayer fun you will have. Let's hope Zen Studios puts out some DLC for this game to extend the story mode a little longer or at least put it out on Steam to get some more attention.