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Review: Swords and Soldiers

It's been a while since my Wii has seen any action since I first got it. Call it neglect but I have too many games as is to play and since my LCD monitor doesn't have the inputs to hook up, the Wii sits in a corner hooked up to an old TV. I read Jonathan London's review on this Wii Ware title called Swords & Soldiers and it seemed like a fun game so I had to try it out. Sword & Soldiers is Ronimo Games latest title with the previous one being de Blob also on the Wii. This game is a side scrolling real time strategy game (RTS) with great comedic performances by the characters in the game. There are 3 separate storylines to go through. Each storyline is a different race for you to select. You have the Vikings, Aztecs, and the Asians. Beating a storyline unlocks the next storyline for you to complete. It is not necessary to do so but to get the full enjoyment of the game you might want to.

The controls are simple enough. You use the Wiimote to move around the screen. You can also use the D-pad to move around more quickly as well. As with any RTS, you have to build resources to make stuff. In this game, the only resources are Gold and Mana. Gold is used to hire more workers such as Gold Diggers (that is really the name of the character) to harvest gold, warriors to fight and towers to set up barriers to slow down the enemy. The icons are all laid out on the top of the screen making it easy to make more troops, use spells, or go to the upgrade screen to build or upgrade your army. You get a couple of spells to help you out with each story line. Mana auto recharges but you can research a mana upgrade that speeds it up. Spells can be crucial later in the game to control the flow of enemies so your troops can get to the spot on the map to pound on them.

Gameplay is a hit or miss. I found it easy to spam warriors and just push my way to the end of the map where the enemy base is. There is a couple of levels in each storyline that will give you endless headaches unless you actually use the right people. The game uses a bit of the Rock, Paper, Scissors method in that certain characters are better against certain enemies and vice versa. I wish it was utilized a little more in the game. It seems Romino was going for an easy RTS style game so everyone can get into it, which I did of course. There is also Skirmishes to play when you are done with the main story mode as well as local multiplayer. I still wish Nintendo made it easier to play online against people so companies like Ronimo Games can put this into their games.

Graphics were good with the bright colors and 2D art. Very cartoony but it works well in this game. The animations for the characters are a little lacking but again this game is about having fun which I had plenty of. To transition to the next mission in the story, it does the whole Batman tv show thing on how the symbol gets close to the screen then falls to the back of the screen. Very funny.

The sounds used in the game were great as well. Very corny dialogue that fits well in this game. The voices used were hilarious and made the atmosphere of the game all the more better.

Overall, this game is perfect for people wanting a funny, well thought out game that delivers hours of fun. RTS fans will love this game as well since it doesn't take itself that serious and you can take a break from the hardcore RTS games and just have fun with Sword & Soldiers.