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Review: The Godfather 2

You ever wanted to know what its like to be in the Mob? Well this game might give you a little taste of what it could be like. The Godfather 2 is a game based of the movie of the same name. Now before I go any further, I have not seen any of the Godfather movies. Before I get "wacked", I will make sure to rent them right away from Netflix. The game has you taking over as The Don of NY when the current Don you are working for gets killed when all of you were trying to get out of Cuba before Fidel Castro takes over. The object of the game is to take over all the businesses in the 3 area you get to play in (Cuba, Florida and New York) and wipe out all the rival families.

The game mechanics are very similar to GTA 4. The auto aim is a little troublesome in that it doesn't always target the nearest enemy. Driving the cars are a little worse than GTA 4. You really don't notice the difference that much between the different cars and the speed they go. The levels try to make it seem the game is bigger than it is. All 3 areas are not that hard to get around and most of the places you can run to on the map in very little time.

Story of this game and the missions you have to do are really fun. The voice acting and character models are pretty well done. I did notice some glitches in the way characters would touch each other. Arms or heads would disappear when right next to someone else (shaking hands or hugs). For all the guys out there, lots of boobs in this game. They are rendered quite well too. The sad part is they tease you with being able to flirt with the women and have some choices on what you say to them but it never leads to anything more than just that. Damn you EA! The game is open ended in that you can just run around and rob banks or kill random people on the street. Otherwise, you have to take over all the business and kill the rival families. There are people you can do favors for and in return they offer their services. Need the cops off your ass? No problem. Want a sting setup on a rival family business? I'm your man. Need a building repaired? Done deal.

You also have to take care of your family as well. you start with no one but soon start hiring some new guys onto your family. Each guy you look at to pick has different specialities. There are 5 different specialties in all. You have the Medic who heals you in battle when you lose all your hit points, the Engineer is able to cut holes in fences and cut the electricity to the building off so the enemies can't call reinforcements, the Brawler who can break down doors that are weak but locked, the Demolitionist that blows holes in walls to get in buildings, blows up businesses to kill everyone inside (doing that will make the place unable to take over till it gets rebuilt), or set car bombs, and lastly the Safe cracker who of course opens safes and locked doors that the Brawler can't kick down. When taking over a business, you have 3 options. You can go there yourself and take it over with up to 3 other guys in your family. At any time you can call them, dismiss them, or send them to businesses you have control over to protect them from rival families. Option 2 is that you could send up to 4 of your guys in the family to try and take over the building from the map view. Or you can bomb the place with a Demolitionist. Doing so though will make the place unavailable until it gets rebuilt like I said earlier in this review.

There are 5 crime rings that you can take over when you take a business from a rival family. When you control all the businesses in the particular crime ring, you recieve a bonus to the likes of more ammo, bullet proof vests, armored cars, etc. When you take a business over, you are given the option to add guards to the building to protect it from rival families. The game will let you know when you are getting attacked and you can then send some family members to help protect it as well.

The music is a bit of a let down since there is only 5 radio stations but that is a minor setback. This game was a lot of fun and deeper than I thought it would be upon 1st glance. I would give this game a $45 out of $60. I didn't try the multiplayer part of the game since I really don't see that many people playing it to begin with. Even without that, this game is worth your time to play it.