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Review: Wet

With Bethesda, we already know that they can do the RPG with the fantastic Elder Scrolls series and my fav Fallout 3. Bethesda seems to be going in the shooter direction with upcoming titles Rouge Warrior and Brink and just released Wet. Wet is a 3rd person shooter with emphasis on chaining acrobatic kills by using the environment to your advantage. The story has the main character Rubi doing some jobs as a gun for hire for a crime family that ends up being more than she bargained for. The plot can be compared to a over the top action movie and almost has that Tarantino vibe to it. Voice acting is done by a great cast with Rubi being voiced by Eliza Dushku and joining her are Malcom McDowell, Alan Cumming, Parry Shen and Ron Yuan.

Playing through the game, you have to get use to the fact that Rubi cannot do anything effective without being in "bullet time". Not to say that is a bad thing since the game makes up for the parts you have to use "bullet time" to attack enemies with puzzle platforming that reminds me of how Tomb Raider did it back in the day. To help you figure out what you can grab on or where to go next, you have an ability called Rubi Vision. Rubi Vision highlights ledges or areas that you can grab or jump to. Now you do have the option to use your sword to slice up people but you are vulnerable to gunshots more so than when you are in "bullet time" so I didn't use it a whole lot.

I really like how the action is fast paced and the acrobatic stunts Rubi can pull off. Never once did I feel the repetitious nature of the kill rooms got in the way of how fun this game is. The only issue I had with the controls is I never felt like I was truly in control of Rubi when sliding. I would have liked to be able to stop my slide at anytime instead of sliding into a wall and being stuck in that motion till it is complete.

I think one of the best things in the game is Rage Mode. Rage mode appears a couple of times in the game and starts off the area with a cutscene having Rubi shooting a charging goon trying to attack her. The result ends up Rubi having blood all over her face. This is when the screen goes all red and enemies show up as white and black silhouettes as you lay waste to them all. All your attacks become powered up and kill streaks can get into the 80's before you make it to the end of the area.

Graphically, the game is not anything to write home about. It looks good don't get me wrong, it's just seems a little dated. Some people say that is why they did the "film" filter but I took that as adding to cinematic feel the developers were going for. The game will keep you enthralled and you will not care anyway.

The music in the game fits perfect for this style and is really good. I hope they put a soundtrack out for Wet in the near future. I did wish I heard more voice acting throughout the game though. It seem to be a waste of the talent they were able to get by not having more lines for them.

Wet is a great game for Bethesda to pick up and publish when it was dropped by the Activision Blizzard merger last year. This game is a great play for people who think nothing is good out yet until the holiday season hits. Action game fans, this is a must play for you.