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Review: Worms

With the recent release of Worms 2 for the XBLA, Team 17 decides to put out a version for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now this is the 1st mobile worms game to be developed at Team17’s studio. It feels like a full game and at 75.4MB's it better well be a full game and not a slimmed down version for the iPhone. The game plays like your standard Worms game. Each teams members gets a turn to attack in a turn based style gameplay. Should be simple enough and fun right? Well sort of. There are some lag issues with the game on my 3G. I am not sure if the 3GS does not have the lag issues so I cannot confirm it this is a problem across all generations of the iPhone. The lag is not bad to the point of not being able to play it. Another issue is the screen being too zoomed out. Now you can zoom in and out with some finger gestures.....if the damn controls worked! I know this may come of as harsh but for a game like Worms to work, you need some sort of precision and you do not get it with this game. When I have to spend the whole entire time i have to make my turn aiming the crosshairs, something is wrong. Also zooming in and out as well as moving the screen to see where the enemy is lags to the point of frustration.

I hope real soon that Team 17 releases some sort of patch to fix the broken controls and the lag. It would be a shame for a good game as this to be represented so poorly on the iPhone.