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Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

We have all been through this before. Awesome movie comes out followed by a piss poor video game based on the movie. No need for me to list all the games since it has been every single game that has been crap. Well, Spider-man 2 was a decent enough game that broke out of that pile of rubbish. Still that is just one game. Now we have another game to rise from the pile of video game based on a movie pile of junk. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the latest game in the based on a movie genre from Raven Software. This game is pretty damn fun. It's like a God Of War, Tomb Raider mashup. It has a lot of hack and slash gameplay but throws in some puzzles to slow things down a little.

The graphics are a little better than average in game but the cutscenes are done real nice. The game uses the Unreal Engine and it could have done a little better with the engine, it's still a good job. The one thing out of everything that you will notice with the graphics is the damage model on wolverine. They took an interesting way of showing the damage on Wolverine by making "layers" to the character model. Basically, you will see Wolverine's skin disintegrate and see his adamantium bones. When he heals, his skin reforms over the bones.

The gameplay is your typical hack and slash game. They actually made this game what a Wolverine game should be, killing. The game earns its M rating in mass doses. Lunging from enemy to enemy never gets old. You can also do quick kills that look awesome. They also place enemies in certain places so that you can lunge across a gap to get to the next area. It seems they really took their time with the design of the levels to make it move along very smoothly. The one thing i wish they did better were the boss battles. They are too repetitive and get boring fast.

The sound is not too bad. The voices are from the movie so that sounds good but some of the sound effects seem muted and dull. The music was standard so I really didn't notice it at all which is a shame. They could have used the music to set the mood of the levels.

There are some neat easter eggs in the game and a cool level up system that you can upgrade Wolverine's powers and attack moves. The one thing that makes this game so good that some people don't know is that this game was in the making before the movie was announced. After that happened, Raven Software had to go back and retool the game to go along with the movie. So they had time to refine this game which is rare since most games based off movies had a very strict time frame and its hard to make a good game.

If you always wanted to play as Wolverine in the way he is meant to be played, this game is a big step in the right direction and I hope to see more games like this. I give this game a $40 out of $60. This game is a lot of fun and you would do yourself a favor in playing this game.