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Review: Sonic Adventure

Sonic The Hedgehog series was amazing to play on the Sega Genesis. The level designs, music, and how fast paced the action was made for many fun filled nights. I never played a Sonic game that was made after the Genesis since I thought it couldn't get much better than that. Having people tell me that I missed out on Sonic Adventure since I never owned a Dreamcast and how amazing the game was, I said to myself "maybe I was wrong?". With Sonic Adventure now released on XBLA and PSN, this was my chance to play what people tell me is one of the best Sonic games ever. Once again, I was right all along. Sonic Adventure proves that Sonic should have ended its run on the Genesis. Where to begin on this monstrosity of a game...Oh I know, how about falling through the game world to your death? In the first 10 minutes of Sonic Adventure I was running through the first level and I comically fell through the world and died. After my little laughing fit. I preceded to do the level over. Again, I hit the magical trap door that leads me to my doom. "Ok," I said to myself, "maybe I just need to start the game over. Maybe it's a bug or something." So much to my dismay, starting the game from scratch and trying the level again for the third time yielded the same results. What the hell?! About 5 minutes went by of me deciding if I should turn of this vile game and play something actually good when I tried to go around the spot that I kept falling to my death. Wow! That actually worked.

Sonic Adventure just got worse after that little episode for me. Between the unresponsive camera, controls, horrible voice acting, dialogue, and the creepy "shower scene" I had to turn the game off. I didn't want my image of how awesome Sonic was on the Genesis marred by this despicable game.

Sometimes nostalgia can sugar coat our eyes to what a game really is. In this case, a terrible game that should have never been re-released. I stand by my belief that Sonic was at its best on the Genesis, at least until Sonic 4 is released. Then we can see if I was wrong, but we all know that will never happen right?