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Review: Super Meat Boy

Every now and then I, like most people, want to play a game that is challenging to the point of snapping a controller in half yet have it also be a game that is really entertaining. It almost seems like the art of making that style of game is lost in current times, that is until Team Meat decided to make Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy's story is that your one true love, Bandage Girl, has been kidnapped by the evil Dr Fetus and you must stop at nothing to rescue her. You have to love a game with the main villain named Dr Fetus. I honestly had no idea what I was getting into with this game. I heard rumblings from the internet that this game was amazing from all the press events Super Meat Boy was being shown but never looked too much into it. I am happy that I didn't look at all the previews for this game since it made my experience that much more sweet.

There are 7 chapters in Super Meat Boy with each chapter consisting of certain amount of levels with "dark world" alternates to each level that add or change certain things. At the end of the chapter you fight the boss for that specific chapter with hilarious cutscenes before and after the fight. The level map is laid out like Super Mario 3's level map is with Super Meat Boy moving from one square to the next after beating the level. This game will try your patience HARD. I walked away plenty of times cursing that little sack of meat, to only come back to it 5 minutes later.

The way the levels are designed in this platform puzzler is nothing short a beautiful insanity. There are par times on each level that when beaten, will unlock the "dark world" levels. On top of that, you have hidden warp zones in the chapters that sometimes unlocks characters for you to use. Yes, not only can you use what could be Meatwad's son, you can choose other characters from some of the other fantastic indie games like Commander Video (Bit.Trip.Runner), Jill (Mighty Jill Off) Tim (Braid) and the Pink Knight (Castle Crashers) just to name a few. Each character has different abilities that might make them valuable in getting past a level you are smashing your head against trying to figure it out. Commander Video can float while Jill can slow her decent may be just what you need to reach that bandage. Oh I forgot, there are collectible bandages in some levels that you can use to unlock more characters. Good luck with that since Team Meat decided on making those even harder than getting to the end of the level.

Super Meat Boy will have you dying over and over and over again to the point of exhaustion. Good thing is the way that this game flows, it never seems like time has passed since your 567th death. You also can't blame it on the controls since they are super tight. It also doesn't hurt that the music is fantastic. Classic 8-bit tunes with a hint of present day styles mixed in was a lot of fun to die to. It also never starts over when you die. Again, it keeps the flow going.

Enjoyable cut scenes, fantastic music, insanely creative level design mixed in with great flow makes Super Meat Boy a must buy for platform puzzle lovers everywhere. Now excuse me while I try this level again for the 568th time.