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Warning - Captain America: Super Soldier (NDS)

I was think of writing a proper review for Griptonite Games and Sega's movie tie-in game for Captain America: Super Soldier for the Nintendo DS. It occurred to me after 3 hours with the game that this is horrid game and deserves a Warning from me. Honestly, no one ever goes into a movie tie-in game thinking it will be good. Most of the times, the developers of said games are restricted to the material they are given so their hands are tied. I am sure the developers have such a short period of time to make such a game so within the time constraints, they do the best they can. I am sure we are missing the magical ingredient that would just make this equation work. Until we find it, we are stuck with poorly developed titles such as Captain America: Super Soldier.

I can almost see what Griptonite Games was going for in their DS version. I loved the platforming in Captain America: Super Soldier. The controls were a little touchy but that was mostly due to the 3DS and the crappy d-pad. Combat was fluid and felt like Griptonite could have fleshed it out more. I was able to pull of some pretty sweet combos with melee attacks combined with throwing Cap's shield. Then they had to throw in the stealth missions.

The best way to slow down and action game to the point of boredom and frustration is stealth. Getting spotted by a light or an enemy requires you to start over from the beginning unless you make it to a poorly instituted checkpoint. Puzzles that are lazily done hamper the experience in an action game as well. I don't mind them at all, except when the only to things you throw at a player is a 'rub up on the touch screen' or 'tap the stars in time with the circles' à la Elite Beat Agents. Then it just gets repetitively mind-numbing.

Maybe instead of focusing on adding different elements to this movie tie-in game, Griptonite Games should have stuck with an action brawler with some platforming. I would have like it a lot more if that were the case. So this is my warning to you, steer clear of Captain America: Super Soldier on the DS.